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→ Submit eWork Record ←

If you have opted-in to fill out your work records electronically you may go to this page to submit your work records. If you would like to start filling out your work records electronically click the next link below.

→ Dosage Calculation Practice Quiz ←

If you want to practice dosage calculations before, or even after, your skills fair training please feel free to use the test we created.

Nurse Referral Program

To be eligible for a bonus for referring nurses to NPLH the following must be satisfied:

  1. The nurse must list the referring nurse's name in the referral box on their application.
  2. The nurse must be qualified, complete skills assessments, and then contract with NPLH.
  3. The nurse must have worked a total of 120 hours prior to payout of bonus.
  4. The referring nurse must be currently contracted by NPLH to receive bonus.

Once these conditions are met you may request the bonus payout by placing a note on your timesheet requesting the payout of your bonus.

For referred LPNs or RNs the standard bonus is $150.

For referred LPNs or RNs who are experienced in caring for ventilator clients the bonus is $200.

Premium Pay for Holiday Shifts

The following dates are paid at Premium Holiday Pay per your Independent Contractor Agreement:

New Year’s Eve / Day


Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day


Christmas Eve / Day

3pm Dec 31st – 7am Jan 2nd

7am – 7am the following day

7am – 7pm

7am – 7pm

7am – 7am the following day

7am – 7pm

7am – 7am the following day

3pm Dec 24th – 7am Dec 26th


→ eWork Record Sign Up Form ←

If you have not yet signed up to submit your work records online click the link above to be taken to the sign up form.

→ Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form ←

If you need to enroll in direct deposit, change your account number or the way your direct deposit is allocated you need to print this form and FAX it to the office.

  • You CANNOT use a DEPOSIT slip... it will not deposit to the correct account if you do
  • You must FAX a copy of a voided check or a letter from your bank that includes your account & routing numbers

→ Skylight PayOptions card enrollment form ←

If you are interesting in setting up a Debit card to receive your direct deposit on, you will need to print this form out and follow the instrcutions included on the form.

  • You do not need an existing bank account to use this option, an account will be set up with the pay card
  • Account includes checks you can write and free check cashing; see more new features on the brochure.

→ Blank Work Record ←

If you need a blank Work Record you can download one here. This form allows you to type in your information but you must print the form and FAX it to the office by 5pm EVERY Monday.

  • You can type your information into the work record if you choose however, you will still have to print & FAX that completed for to the office to be paid.


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